Girl On Fire Styled Shoot
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I have a lot of different interests but generally speaking, I am a creative at heart, an old soul, and a lover of all things beautiful. Creativity and beauty come in all sorts of different shapes and styles however and I’m always fasincated by the variety of ideas that other people can come up with. Back in March I participated in a gorgeous Art Nouveau themed styled shoot. Everything with bright, pink, airy, almost whimsical. It turned out beautifully and just as everyone had hoped. Two months later I contributed to yet another styled shoot, but with an entirely different vision.

Autumn Styled Shoot 14
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The small team behind this vision included two of my dearest friends here in Augusta:  Jeannine Stinkuhl of Jeannine Rae Photography, and Kristine Rodriguez of Responsive Textiles.   I’m constantly blown away by the creativity of these two women. Responsive Textiles has been featured in the Makers Movement Magazine, Glamour UK, and had runway shows across the United States. Jeannine, who’s been featured by The Rising Tide Society, was the perfect photographer for this shoot with a higher contrast style with lots of drama to bring this shoot the life it deserved. (I’m sharing my images with you here but I highly recommend you check out hers! They’re far superior and I never get tired of looking through them!) She also gets major credit for bringing our attention to the potential of a burned out building downtown.

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Additionally we managed to rope in a few other vendors who I’d never met before but turned out to be on point for this shoot! Our model, Elizabeth Pearson, is stunning and gave our pieces a regal flair, wearing my vintage hats like a crown. A perfectly dried king protea was featured in the stunning bouquet by Rachel Frisell Design Studio and was accented with white ranunculus, dark plum calla lilies, and foraged greenery. Hair was done by Mackenzie Rollins and makeup by Aly DiMassa. 

Autumn Styled Shoot 3
Autumn Styled Shoot 13
Autumn Styled Shoot 13
Autumn Styled Shoot 8

Despite a heavy rain earlier in the day, the shoot came together perfectly. In fact, the rain added to the emotion of the shoot as it saturated the crumbling bricks and gave us the opportunity to play with reflections. It was dark enough outside that I had trouble getting the film shots I was hoping for since I’d neglected to bring a tripod (which is why I say again, check out Jeannine’s amazing work!), but I juggled two cameras, one with black-and-white film and the other with color. The rain and sturation and intrinsic style of film do however tend to lend the feeling of motion and emotion to the shoot that I love and am proud of. It was an honor to consider myself a creative alongside these wonderful women who brought this Girl on Fire to life!

Autumn Styled Shoot 1
Autumn Styled Shoot 15

Note:  Both the bowler hat and cocktail hat we used for this shoot are available in my shop!

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