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Botanical Gift Tags, Floral Gift Tags

Botanical Gift Tags, Floral Gift Tags

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Add some vintage beauty to you gifts with these botanical gift tags, 19th century illustrations brought to 21st century life. Pieces vary based on quantity purchased and whether or not you are interested in a set of solely Bud and Bloom tags, Root, Stem, and Leaf tags, or a mix of everything.

A set of Bud & Bloom tags will feature all sorts of flowers of many different varieties in color, style, and state of bloom.

A set of Root, Stem, and Leaf tags will feature ferns, leaves, stems, roots, bulbs, and more.

A MIX will have a variety of everything.

Some tags will have remnants of the text of the scientific names of the plants as identified by the illustrator.

Tags are standard size of 3" X 2" with a whole punched in the top.

Listed prices do not include string. If you’re interested in additional string or ribbon, feel free to reach out to inquire about available options and pricing.

Also, if you're interested in a specific style or color for use in a wedding/shower, etc and would like a set with a more specific theme, feel free to reach out! These would be beautiful for a botanical themed wedding!

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