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Battenburg Lace Tea Towel Set

Battenburg Lace Tea Towel Set


Both of these tea towels are a beautiful, bright white with an embellished lace border along the front edge, coming to points at either corners. Above the battenburg lace, right in the middle of the front, is an additional embroidered flower with leaves and stems on each side. Otherwise the look of each towel is crisp and white.

They are in beautiful condition, appear to have never been used, and are probably not that old in the grand scheme of things. They are however, with the styled lace, made to look and have an older vintage style.

According to a tag hidden on the backside, these towels are 100% cotton

They measure approximately: 26 inches by 15.5 inches

This listing is for a set of 2 matching tea towels.

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