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Vintage Keen Kutter Razor Hone

Vintage Keen Kutter Razor Hone


This vintage razor hone would have been used for sharpening strait razors at home. The company that made it started off making axes but moved into other items like razors and as a result, sharpeners, during the early-mid 20th century.

The outside of the box has seen some pretty rough days but the branding on the inside of the box is still beautiful and the razor hone itself is in great shape.

The inside of the top of the box says:

E.C. Simmons


St. Louis U.S.A

Extra Quality


Simmons Hardware Co., Inc.

Manufacturers and Distributors USA

Inside the bottom of the box it says:


These Hones are an improvement over all other artificial stones heretofore on the market. They will produce quickly a very fine, durable edge on the most delicate Steel Instruments and Razors. They are manufactured on scientific principles from the finest of materials, contain no veins or irregular formations in the stone and remain in first-class condition for any number of years.

should, after long use, the Hone require cleaning, rub surface over lightly with fine emery paper.

To avoid a wire edge on Razors, do not overdone; four or five strokes are sufficient.

Water or Oil can be used on these Hones.

The top of the box is difficult to read because of weathering but clearly had the name of the brand emblazoned across it. The back of the box appears to have some more information about the hone but is in German.

Measures approximately 5.5 inches X 2 inches.

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