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Pleated Half Apron with Ticking Pockets

Pleated Half Apron with Ticking Pockets

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This classic half apron is made from new but vintage-inspired fabrics, using a vintage pattern for a classic look. 100% cotton with a heavy duty weave, it keeps food off your clothes while still providing that smooth, cotton feel.

The fabric across the front comes in blue or red stripes and is divided into 3 pockets. Each of the pockets is of equal size, ideal for holding anything from a hot pad or dish towel, to a cell phone or tools.

This half apron ties at the back with two tie ends.

Along the band the apron is gathered into pleats for a flattering appearance overall.

These aprons are one size fits most. If you are interested in a larger or smaller size, feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do.

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