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Vintage Nativity Scene, Christmas Nativity Set

Vintage Nativity Scene, Christmas Nativity Set


This unique, vintage nativity scene was put together by the original owner with pieces by different makers. It's as if they purchased a basic nativity scene and then bought a few animals in one place, a few wise men in another, and so on to create their own idilic setting.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of makers mark on the "stable" itself but it was made with a hole in the bottom-center to accommodate a cord so that a little bulb could light up the scene. This set comes with the original wire and bulb, which does work but no guarantees can be made by the seller. The stable itself has some wooden sticks across the top and as part of the frame, with a printed background int he back.

The set may have originally come with a plastic Mary, Joseph, and the little baby Jesus in his manger. The head of the baby lays on a pillow that is part of the same mould.

There is a donkey and three (3) sheep that are plastic as well and seem to have come from the same set, perhaps the same as the family.

There is an angel made of plastic with a sort of bent nail with a point like a nail so that it will fit in the center of the top of the stable out in front. Though the angel does fit into its spot, it does go in and come out smoothly so it is recommended that this is kept out of reach of children as the point is sharp (plus there are lots of mouth-sized pieces).

Three (3) wisemen, one (1) shepherd, and a camel are all made out of the same material, not plastic, with several having a few chips missing and having a few cracks, including the hump of the camel and the faces, clothing and bases of the wisemen. Several of them have visible stamps indicating that they were made in Italy and tags indicating that they were originally purchased at Woolworth's.

The figurines are various sizes and heights and the stable itself measures approximately:

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