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The Real Mother Goose - Book

The Real Mother Goose - Book


I’m not sure who the “fake” Mother Goose is but this one seems pretty serious about her stories. This beautiful book features a very long list of rhymes and the book is in very good, vintage condition, as if it's hardly been cracked. The pages have yellowed a bit over the years and it does have a bit of that "old book smell", which I love.

Title: The Real Mother Goose

Author: none listed

Publication Date: c. 1975

Details: Fabulous color illustrations and many short poems, which I particularly enjoy when they make no sense 🤪 Note in the front says: “April & Eric, Christmas 1978, from Gran & Granpa”

The back of the book:


Illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright

"OLD MOTHER GOOSE is still the reigning favorite of the nursery, and this book, lovely book with the famous Blanche Fisher Wright illustration is the perfect introduction to her charms for little children.

"For over fifty years not THE REAL MOTHER GOOSE has been delighting thousands upon thousands of boys and girls, and the magic is as strong as ever. Men and women who loved it in their childhood are not buying it for their children; teachers and librarians everywhere acclaim it as the "standard" Mother Goose. All the lilting verses are here, just as they have come down to us from generation to generation, and the lively, colorful pictures - over 160 of them - will enchant any child. For your child's favorite verses, see the convenient index to first lines on pages 7-9.


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