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Antique Opera Brouchure, Antique Music, Vintage Opera Collectibles

Antique Opera Brouchure, Antique Music, Vintage Opera Collectibles


This impeccably preserved antique opera program is the perfect piece of art nouveau and art deco ephemera to add to your collection! The front of the opera program is decorated with a young woman, probably the lead, in a beautiful sleeveless gown against a window with purple flowers outside it. It is signed James McCracken, an artist and illustrator of books and brochures during this time. The outside of the program says:

Season of 1915

Alice Nielsen
Soprano of the Metropolitan
and Bottom Opera Companies

Rock Hill
South Carolina
May 7 May 14

The back of the pamphlet appears to also be illustrated by James McCracken and features an image through a window as well but this time through the window we see a large tent with flags on top and filled with people in hats. Little purple tulips poke through the window along the bottom and more purple flowers, perhaps wisteria, hangs in the corner of the window. Beneath the window are treble clefts decorated with purple bows and decorative greenery. At the bottom of the back of the program it says:


The brochure opens up into a giant complication of images of the actors and band with both headshots and action shots from the theaters operas and actors. Each of the main actors and actresses also has a feature with an photo and writeup on Alice Nielsen Day, Band Day, William Owen Day, and Joy Night in addition to sections titled "About Tickets", "Popular musical Features" and the "Headline" lecturers and "Features". Directly inside the pamphlet on the first page is the season Program for the opera house. On the program has been written in pen by the original buyer of the program, several "x"s near some of the events with the top stating that the "x"s represent "especially good, grand!!" and at the bottom of the program it says "(save this for me)".

As an antique opera brochure that would have been handled often by its original owner, this piece is in beautiful condition. There is some slight wear and fading on the outside of the brochure and slight tears throughout but he pamphlet as a whole is in good condition and unfolds and refolds the way it was originally intended without falling apart. However, the piece is beautiful on its own from the outside and might be best framed and highlighting its beautiful cover.

Approximately 10 1/8" X 7" when folded.

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