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1920's Black and White Portrait

1920's Black and White Portrait


This vintage black and white photograph features a beautiful young woman in a light colored dress and hat in a very pre-1920's style. The dress is gauzy and loose and has a square neckline and beaded blouse with loose sleeves. Her hat has a wide brim and she wears a short haircut or hairstyle with the hat sitting on top. Her dark eyes look at the photographer and her perfect nose and lips balance her face in a beautiful profile. a ring can barely be seen on her little finger at the base of the photo. The background is simple and appears to just be scattered light. The edges of the photo around the woman and cutting off the portrait at about thigh-height have been blurred to fade into the vague background. The photo fits into a cardboard folder and was not glued inside. In the corner of the photo is the name of the photographer in pencil and over the top is written "1914, Valdosta, GA"

It is amazing to me how much emphasis that we (myself included) place on the minute little details of our every day lives. This woman in this picture probably spent hours getting ready to sit for this picture - deciding what dress to wear, what hat flattered her face, doing her makeup, maybe going with friends, deciding where to go out afterwards ('cause we all know you can't let a good hair day go to waste), and so on. But we, today, don't know a shred about this woman other than little ideas that we can glean from how she looks at the camera with confidence, and the fact that the photo was found in South Carolina so maybe she had relatives there. We don't know, and may never know. But she was a real person with thoughts and emotions and this photograph, in the tiniest way, keeps her alive.

Photo is 10" X 7", open cardboard folder is approximately 16 1/4" X 10 1/8".

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